Programme 2021

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11 Sep (Sat)

Innovations and advances in gastroenterology and hepatology
Aqua Room
Chairs: Prof SETO Wai Kay Walter, Dr LI Tat Wing Francis

1. Innovations and advances in endoscopic ultrasound
Dr MA Ka Wing
2. Innovation and advances in assessment in liver fibrosis
Dr MAK Lung Yi
3. Innovation and advances in colorectal cancer screening
Dr SZE Shun Fung
4. Artificial intelligence in endoscopy: ready for prime time?
Dr LUI Ka Luen

Management of proptosis
Coral Room
Chairs: Dr LEE Wing Yan Michael, Dr LI Lai Fung

1. Imaging of proptosis
Dr WONG Ho Lim
2. Medical treatment for Grave’s opthalmopathy
Dr AU YEUNG Yick Cheung
3. Advances in management of neurosurgical diseases causing proptosis
Dr MAK Hoi Kwan Calvin
4. Proptosis management: a personalised approach
Dr MAK Shiu Ting

Axillary management in breast cancer
Crimson Room
Chairs: Dr LAW Ka Bo Bonita Angela, Dr FOO Wai Lum William

1. Novel techniques in localizing sentinel nodes
Dr MAN Chi Mei Vivian
2. How does neoadjuvant therapy affects axillary surgery
Dr CHAN Ho Yan Yolanda
3. Axillary radiotherapy: an oncologist's view
Dr WONG Sean Man Natalie
4. Surgical treatment of breast cancer-related lymphedema
Dr LIU Hin Lun Lawrence

Immunology and allergy in Hong Kong
Olive Room
Chairs: Dr LI Philip Hei, Dr HO Hok Kung Marco

1. Updates on how to manage suspected drug and penicillin allergies in Hong Kong
Dr LI Philip Hei
2. COVID19 vaccine allergy
Dr CHIANG Valerie
3. Adult immunodeficiencies in Hong Kong
Mr KAN Ka Chun Andy
11 Sep (Sat)

Saturday Symposium: Should the treatment paradigm for mild-to-moderate atopic dermatitis evolve?
Aqua Room
Chair: Dr HO Hok Kung Marco

1. Current Pedi AD treatment gaps & patients concerns
Prof HON Kam Lun Ellis
2. Position for emerging treatment (PDE4i for the management of mild-to-moderate Pedi AD)
Dr David LUK
3. Real-world experience and case sharing
Dr HO Hok Kung Marco
11 Sep (Sat)

Update in cardiac imaging
Aqua Room
Chair: Dr CHAN Kwok Keung

1. Echocardiography - what is new?
Dr LI Ying Wah Andrew
2. CT scan in cardiology
Dr CHAN Hiu Lam
3. MRI in cardiology
Dr CHAN Wing Sze, Carmen
4. Intravascular imaging
Dr LEE Kin Tong

Common diseases and management in general practice
Coral Room
Chair: Dr KU Ka Ming Peter

1. Dizziness and Vertigo
Dr HO Dick Wai Terrie
2. Updates on age-specific management of hypertension
Dr YU Yee Tak Esther
3. Periodontitis: a risk factor of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases
Dr CHAN Man Ha Anita
4. Management of snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea
Dr TO Wing Hei Zion
5. Medically unexplained symptoms
Dr NG Pui Pui Amy
6. Use of oral appliance in management of sleep apnoea
Dr LAM Yu Hang Walter

Latest advances in the management of bladder cancer
Crimson Room
Chairs: Dr YIU Ming Kwong, Dr POON Ming Chun

1. Lymphadenectomy in bladder cancer: standard or extended pelvic lymph node dissection
Dr TAI Chi Kin
2. Robot-assisted radical cystectomy vs open radical cystectomy in bladder cancer patients
Dr CHAN Shu Yin Eddie
3. Trimodal therapy (TMT) for muscle invasive bladder cancer (MIBC)
Dr LAM Ho Ching
4. Update on the systemic management of metastatic urothelial carcinoma
Dr LEUNG Kwong Chuen

Orthogeriatrics: we handle with care
Olive Room
Chair: Dr WONG Shing Fai Stephen

1. Interplay between frailty, sarcopenia and fragility fractures
Dr HO Wing Hang Angela
2. Integrated orthogeriatric clinical pathway
Dr HSU Yung Chak
3. Recent advances and guidelines of osteoporosis management
Dr WONG Sze Hung
4. Geriatric hip fractures: anaesthesiologist's perspective
Dr CHAN Kin Cheong Simon
5. Common clinical dilemmas in preoperative assessment of orthogeriatric patients
Dr CHAN Chin Pang Ian
11 Sep (Sat)

Management of hypertension in GOPD settings
Aqua Room
Chair: Dr CHEN Xiao Rui Catherine

1. Updates on HT management in primary care
Dr CHEN Xiao Rui Catherine
2. Introduction on risk assessment and management programme in HT (RAMP-HT) in HA
Dr HO Ka Ming
3. Ambulatory BP use in primary care
Dr WONG Kwai Sheung
4. Case sharing on HT management
Dr CHEN Xiao Rui Catherine

Transplantation in eye, head and neck
Coral Room
Chairs: Dr LI Yuen Mei Emmy, Dr CHEUNG Wing Yung

1. Corneal transplantation
Dr CHAN Tommy Chung Yan
2. Ocular surface transplantation
Dr SHIH Kendrick Co
3. Face transplantation
Dr CHAN Yu Wai
4. Laryngeal transplantation
Dr CHAN Yu Wai

Gastric cancer: status quo?
Crimson Room
Chairs: Dr FOO Wai Lum William, Prof TEOH Yuen Bun Anthony

1. Screening: evidence and controversies
Dr YIP Hon Chi
2. Gastrectomy: approaches and innovations
Dr WONG Lai Yin Claudia
3. Systemic treatment: promises and limitations
Dr LAM Ka On
4. Nutrition: dos and don'ts
Ms KAN Yuen Man Ingrid

Upholding men's health in Hong Kong
Olive Room
Chairs: Dr WONG Kwok Tin Martin, Dr YIP Pui Lam Isaac, Dr FU Kam Fung Kenneth

1. Optimizing management of prostate health
Dr WONG Kwok Tin Martin
2. Urine spermine: a novel test for prostate cancer diagnosis
Dr CHIU Ka Fung Peter
3. Tackling obesity - the biggest killer of men in the 21st century
Dr WU Enoch
4. Andrology: a psychosexual perspective
Dr MAK Kai Lok
11 Sep (Sat)

Plenary: Issues in COVID-19 pandemic
Coral Room
Chairs: Dr MAK Siu King, Dr CHEON Willy Cecilia

1. Female pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence, a neglected in issue in COVID
Dr CHEON Willy Cecilia
2. Psychological distress in COVID time
Dr CHONG King Yee
3. COVID challenge in sexual and reproductive health
Dr MAK Siu King
4. Public Private Partnership in COVID time and way forward
Dr CHAN Wan Kin
12 Sep (Sun)

Updates on the management of urological stone disease
Aqua Room
Chairs: Dr YEUNG Hip Wo Victor, Dr LEUNG Clarence Lok Hei, Dr CHAN Hoi Chak Wilson, Dr SIHOE Jennifer Dart Yin

1. Management of paediatric stone diseases
Dr HUNG Wing Suet Judy
2. PCNL: current tricks and skills
Dr HO Brian Sze Ho
3. URSL and RIRS: latest advances
Dr LI Trevor Churk Fai
4. Advances in stone management by ESWL
Dr LI Kai Man

Crohn's disease
Coral Room
Chairs: Dr FAN Tam Ting, Tina, Dr FUTABA Kaori

1. Current disease monitoring and treatment paradigms in Crohn's disease
Dr SHAN Hok Shing Edwin
2. Imaging for Crohn’s disease
Dr YUEN Tsz Yau
3. Endoscopic management of complicated Crohn's disease
Dr TANG Raymond Shing Yan
4. Surgical management of stricturing Crohn's disease

Advances in immuno-oncology
Crimson Room
Chairs: Dr LAU Chi Pan Patrick, Dr CHENG Ning Man

1. Management of immune-related adverse events (IRAE) of immune checkpoint inhibitors
Dr LEUNG Roland Ching Yu
2. From T-cell receptor to novel cancer immunotherapy
Prof MAK Tak Wah
3. CAR-T therapy for refractory lymphoma
Prof TSE Wai Choi Eric

Management of dizzy patients
Olive Room
Chair: Dr CHAN Tak Yan Norman

1. Otological causes - how to recognize and manage
Dr NG Siu Kwan
2. Neurological causes - things that should not be missed
Dr WONG Ka Sing Lawrence
3. Non-neurological medical causes of dizziness
Dr AU Lap Keung
4. Psychiatric aspects of dizziness/vertigo
Dr YIP Pui Lam Isaac
12 Sep (Sun)

Update on emergency medicine
Aqua Room
Chairs: Dr YANG Siu Ming, Dr CHAN Ho Yin

1. Resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta (REBOA): current evidence & local implementation
Dr HO Hiu Fai
2. Updated resuscitation guidelines, adults & pediatrics
Dr CHEUNG Koon Ho, Ralph
3. Common poisoning in Hong Kong
Dr CHAN Ming Yin

Musculoskeletal back pain
Coral Room
Chairs: Dr LEUNG Siu Man Simon, Dr LAW Mei Yan

1. Occupational low back pain - from acute to rehabilitation
Prof LAW Sheung Wai
2. Technological advances in lumbar spine surgery: computer-navigated and endoscopic spine operations
Dr MA Chun Man
3. Approach to low back pain in rheumatologist aspect
4. Diagnostic imaging in lumbar spine
Dr TSE Kin Sun

Update in the management of nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Crimson Room
Chairs: Dr CHOW Ling Yu Velda, Dr CHUNG Chun Kit Joseph

1. Advances in molecular screening for NPC
Dr LAM Wai Kei
2. Minimally invasive surgery for recurrent NPC
Dr TSANG King Yin Raymond
3. Advances in resection for previously unresectable recurrent NPC
Dr CHAN Yu Wai
4. Immunotherapy for NPC
Dr LEE Ho Fun Victor

“Mission: Impossible” in palliative care
Olive Room
Chairs: Dr CHEN Wai Tsan Tracy, Dr CHENG Wendy

1. Dying at home: is it possible in Hong Kong?
Dr NG Sheung Ching Jeffrey
2. End-of-life care in emergency medicine
Dr WONG Oi Fung
3. Management of breathlessness in advanced disease
Dr HO Chun Wing
4. Use of immunotherapy and its toxicities in palliative care
Dr LAU Kin Sang
12 Sep (Sun)

Sunday Symposium: Greater Bay Area medical development in the post-pandemic era
Aqua Room
Chairs: Dr FONG Ben Yuk Fai, Dr HO Hok Kung Marco, Dr CHAN Wai Keung

1. Hong Kong's role in the wider medical development
Dr KO Wing Man
2. Interfacing between Hong Kong and Macau systems
Dr Manson FOK
3. Post-pandemic challenges and strategies for medical services in China's Greater Bay Area
Mr CAO Shan Ying Eagle
12 Sep (Sun)

Challenges in obesity management during COVID-19 epidemic in Hong Kong
Aqua Room
Chairs: Dr TSUI Tsun Miu, Dr LEE Ka Wah

1. Changes of diet pattern during the epidemic and challenges on obesity management: a dietitian's perspective
Ms LAM See Way Sylvia
2. How to maintain exercise level during the time of COVID-19
Ms LEUNG Ka Kei Claire
3. Obesity medicine and its role during the COVID-19 epidemic
Dr YUEN Mae Ann Michele
4. New challenges for patients undergoing bariatric surgery in the time of COVID-19
Dr FUNG Anson

Unsteady gait
Coral Room
Chairs: Dr CHAN Hiu Fai Germaine, Dr LEE Wing Yan Michael

1. Different types of gait disorders in adults
Dr YIP Lai Kuen
2. Medical management of gait disorders
Dr CHAN Hiu Fai Germaine
3. Surgical treatment of gait disorders
Dr Xianlun ZHU
4. Rehabilitation strategies for gait disorders
Dr LEE Savio

MDT approach to colorectal liver metastasis (CLM)
Crimson Room
Chairs: Dr HO Kit Man, Dr LI Yan Lin

1. Surgical management for colorectal liver metastasis
Dr HO Kit Man
2. Ablative treatment for colorectal liver metastasis
Dr CHIANG Jeanie Betsy
3. Chemotherapy/treatment schedule for CLM
Dr LIU King Yin Rico
4. Case presentation and MDT discussion
Dr FOO Chi Chung Dominic

Dental implant rehabilitation
Olive Room
Chairs: Dr HO Lai In Jeni, Dr CHONG Mei Man

1. Dental implants in the aesthetic zone
Dr LEUNG Ming Yin Keith
2. Bone grafting methods for dental implant rehabilitation
Dr John LO
3. Virtual surgical planning of jaw reconstruction and simultaneous dental implant
Dr PU Jingya Jane
12 Sep (Sun)

A multifaceted perspective to the management of osteoarthritic knee pain
Aqua Room
Chair: Dr CHAN Kin Yan Kenneth

1. Community pain screening on OA knee in Hong Kong (2017-2019)
Dr CHU Man Lai Mary
2. Application of point of care musculoskeletal ultrasound of knee in community setting
Dr Carina LI Ching Fan
3. Partial knee replacement: a promising solution to degenerated knees
Dr FAN Chi Ho Jason
4. New era for knee surgery: robotic-arm assisted knee arthroplasty
Dr YAN Chun Hoi

Updates on the management of dementia
Coral Room
Chair: Dr YIP Pui Lam Isaac

1. Revisiting Alzheimer's Disease with Biomarkers
Dr AU YEUNG Tung Wai
2. Neuroimaging in Dementia: MRI and beyond
Dr SIU Yung Woon Deyond
3. Updates on DSM-5 neurocognitive disorders and pharmacological management of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia
Dr CHAN Lap Kei

New frontiers in endocrine surgical conditions
Crimson Room
Chairs: Dr CHAN Shun Yan Bryant, Dr LEUNG Hoi Leung

1. Contemporary oncological treatments for thyroid cancer
Dr WONG Chun Wai Kenneth
2. Adrenal incidentaloma: from evaluation to management
Dr KAN Mei Yee Daisy
3. Ablative treatment for thyroid nodules
Dr WONG Kai Pun
4. When is FNAC needed for thyroid nodules?
Dr LIU Yuk Wah Shirley

New era of paediatric epilepsy management
Olive Room
Chairs: Dr CHAK Wai Kwong Mario, Dr WONG Sui To

1. Overview of epilepsy classification: how aetiology affects management? How to choose among new anticonvulsant, dietary and surgical treatment?
Dr CHAK Wai Kwong Mario
2. How next-generation sequencing helps epilepsy diagnosis
Dr YUEN Yuet Ping Liz
3. How neuroimaging helps in epilepsy
Dr LEE Yat Sing
4. Epilepsy surgery, curative or palliative: how to choose? How does it work?
Dr WONG Sui To