is an accredited programme in both physical and virtual formats.

How to submit your point request
Your CME/CNE/MAM/CPD points are processed on a day-by-day basis for either physical or virtual attendance. Apply only for the format(s) and day(s) on which you attended:


CME / MAM / CPD(Optometrists) / CPD(Occupational Therapists) – Sign College Attendance Sheet at venue on both days

CNE – Collect physical OGSHK Certificate of Attendance and Survey at venue on both days


CME / MAM / CPD(Optometrists) / CPD(Occupational Therapists) – Complete Day-end Surveys online at Virtual Lobby on both days

CNE – Complete Day-end Surveys and request electronic OGSHK Certificates of Attendance online on both days

  • We will share your accreditation details and attendance records (including your login and logout time) with your College(s)/Programme(s) after the Conference.
  • Speakers and chairs: sign your Active Participation attendance in person at the venue.

The points will be shown below when it is conferred

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