Continuing education - notes for all participants

To obtain Passive Participation CME/CNE/PEM points for MMMC2020,

You should:

  1. Join the Conference on 12-13 Sep using the private login link sent to your email on 7 Sep.
  2. At the end of each day, complete each day-end CME survey, accessible from the Conference — if you attend both days, do it on both days.
  3. Request an attendance certificate in the survey (if needed).

We will:

  1. Take your attendance automatically on each day, beginning with your first visit via the private login link and ending with your completion of the day-end survey. We cannot process your CME points unless the day-end survey is completed.
  2. Share your CME details and attendance records with your College/Programme.

We will do our best to facilitate your continuing education, but it is vital that you follow these steps during the Conference to ensure compliance with requirements from the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine and the respective Colleges.

P.S. Speakers and chairs are automatically registered for Active Participation points. For Passive Participation points, which are conferred separately, please follow the above instructions as well.

CME results

Saturday: 2020-09-12 (10:45 – 18:45)
Sunday: 2020-09-13 (09:00 – 17:00)

wdt_ID College Max for whole function Sat Sun Group-Category Remarks to be shown on Calendar Messages for Organiser Accreditor Reference No.

Note regarding Hong Kong College of Anaesthesiologists:

Details for CME points: 
12 Sep 2020 (Sat) (AM Session, 10:45 - 13:45) 1.5 ANA Passive (PP-PP) + 1.5 NON-ANA Passive (PP-NA)
12 Sep 2020 (Sat) (PM Session, 13:45 - 18:45) 1.5 ANA Passive (PP-PP) + 3 NON-ANA Passive (PP-NA)
13 Sep 2020 (Sun) (AM Session, 09:00 - 13:45) 4.5 NON-ANA Passive (PP-NA) 13 Sep 2020 (Sun) (PM Session, 13:45 - 17:00) 1.5 ANA Passive (PP-PP) + 1.5 NON-ANA Passive (PP-NA) 

CNE & PEM results

Date Points
12-Sep 5.5 CNE + 1.5 CNE/ PEM
13-Sep 7 CNE