Programme 2020

Thank you to all the following participants at MMMCVirtual 2020, held on 12-13 September 2020.

12 Sep (Sat) 10:45-12:15

Thyroid and head & neck surgery - what is emerging
Aqua Room
Chairpersons: Dr Fiona Chui Yan WONG, Dr Joseph CHUNG

1. Genomics and liquid biopsy in CA thyroid management
Dr CHOW Sin Ming
2. Latest advances in parathyroid surgery
Dr Shirley Yuk Wah LIU
3. MIS head and neck transoral robotic surgery (TORS)
Dr Raymond King-Yin TSANG
4. Mis salivary gland surgery - sialendoscopy
Dr Siu Kwan NG

Geriatric emergency
Coral Room
Chairpersons: Dr James LUK, Dr NG Man Ho

1. Management of elderly in acute setting
Dr CHOI Kin Kei
2. Geriatrics at front door
Dr Wency HO
3. Pain management in elderly
Dr Steven WONG
4. Acute management of confused elderly - psychiatric and legal considerations
Dr Victor Wing Cheong LUI

Summit in lung cancer
Crimson Room
Chairpersons: Dr Alan D. L. SIHOE, Dr William FOO

1. How far have we achieved and not achieved in managing stage III non-small-cell lung cancer?
Dr Victor Ho Fun LEE
2. Advances in lung cancer surgery
Dr Alan D. L. SIHOE
3. Radiological intervention in lung cancer management
Dr Wing Ho CHONG

Recent advances in back pain management
Olive Room
Chairpersons: Dr Kwong Yau CHAN, Dr Hing Yuen LAW

1. Minimally invasive surgery for the degenerative lumbar spine
Dr Calvin Hoi Kwan MAK
2. MIS in management of spinal metastasis
Dr Peter Koon Man SIEH
3. Role of radiofrequency and neuromodulation in intractable back pain or FBSS
Dr Carina LI Ching Fan
4. Imaging in metastatic spinal disease
Dr Angela LI
12 Sep (Sat) 12:30-13:45

Lunch symposium: The future of atopic dermatitis treatment: children in focus
Aqua Room
Chairperson: Dr Marco HK HO

1. Steroid phobia and challenge in managing atopic dermatitis: children in focus
Dr Kam Lun Ellis HON
2. The future of atopic dermatitis treatment
Dr Johnny CHAN Chun Yin
12 Sep (Sat) 13:45-15:15

Lifestyle management of obesity - with focus on diet and paediatric obesity
Aqua Room
Chairpersons: Dr Ka Lok TAM, Dr Michele Mae Ann YUEN

1. Nutritional management of obesity
Ms Ingrid Yuen Man KAN
2. Multicomponent intervention: behavioural and motivation - overlooked components in obesity management
Ms Chloe Sung Yu MO
3. Treating the teenager with obesity - tips for success
Dr Lettie Chuk Kwan LEUNG
4. Psychiatric perspective of eating disorders in child and adolescent - with discussion of obesity
Dr Phyllis K.L. CHAN

Neuroimaging and neurophysiology in paediatrics
Coral Room
Chairpersons: Dr Mario CHAK, Dr Sui To WONG

1. When do we need neuroimaging in paediatrics - neurosurgery perspective
Dr Sui To WONG
2. When do we order EEG and neuroimaging in paediatrics - paediatric neurologist's perspective
Dr Mario CHAK
3. Paediatric acquired brain injury - the need for assessment and rehabilitation
Dr Stephenie KY LIU
4. Paediatric neuro-oncology imaging
Dr Chris Kwok Chun WONG

What is new from International College of Surgeons?
Crimson Room
Chairperson: Prof Felix WONG

1. Low back pain - an old problem, what is new?
Dr CHUN Siu Yeung
2. Can focused ultrasound surgery play a role in the future “digital healthcare” in gynaecology?
Prof Felix WONG
3. Caesarean hysterectomy: old in new
Dr LI Kwok To Thomas
4. Can an apple a day keeps sleep apnea away?
Dr PAK Wai Martin

Pituitary diseases you must know
Olive Room
Chairpersons: Dr Michael LEE, Dr Yin Chung PO

1. General principle of management of pituitary lesions
Prof Gilberto K K LEUNG
2. Ophthalmological presentation and evaluation in pituitary diseases
Dr CHENG Chi On Andy
3. Practical aspects of common pituitary disorders
Dr LAM King Yun Joanne
4. Radiological evaluation in pituitary diseases
Dr CHAN Chik Xing Jason
12 Sep (Sat) 15:30-17:00

A basket of allergies
Aqua Room
Chairpersons: Dr Ludwig TSOI, Dr Kam Lun Ellis HON

1. Update on prehospital management of anaphylaxis
Dr WAN Kuang An Ben
2. Difficult-to-treat asthma
Dr Marco HK HO
3. Prioritizing penicillin allergy in Hong Kong
Dr Philip Hei LI
4. Quality of life in atopic diseases
Dr Kam Lun Ellis HON

Sudden cardiac death
Coral Room
Chairpersons: Dr Kwok Keung CHAN, Dr LAI Wai Keung Steve

1. Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) - pathophysiology, etiology and genetics
2. SCD in coronary heart disease and cardiomyopathy
Dr Ho Chuen YUEN
3. SCD in patients without structural heart disease
Dr Man Chun CHOI
4. SCD and sport participation: what is the role of screening?
Dr LAI Wai Keung Steve

HPV-related diseases and prevention
Crimson Room
Chairpersons: Dr Jacqueline Ho Sze LEE, Dr Vincent CHEUNG

1. HPV-related vulval diseases
Dr Man Yee CHU
2. HPV-related AIN and multi-zonal disease
Dr Andrew Tin Yau WONG
3. HPV vaccination
Dr LI Wai Hon

Artificial intelligence in clinical practice
Olive Room
Chairpersons: Dr Angela LI, Dr Emmy Yuen Mei LI

1. Adoption of big data in clinical settings in intensive care
Dr Arthur MC KWAN
2. New gadgets in diabetes management
Dr Wing Sun CHOW
3. AI in diabetic retinopathy screening
Dr Ian YH Wong
4. AI in radiology and the reporting room
12 Sep (Sat) 17:15-18:45

Plenary: Applications of telemedicine
Aqua Room
Chairperson: Dr Daniel King Hung TONG

1. Current national development on telemedicine
Dr Eric FU Ji
2. Application of tele-consultation in psychiatry
Dr Koi Man CHENG
3. Telemedicine risks and insurance issues
Ms Mabel CHIU
13 Sep (Sun) 09:00-10:30

Breast augmentation and reconstruction in breast cancer management
Aqua Room
Chairpersons: Dr Marcus YING, Dr William FOO

1. Diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer after breast augmentation
Dr LING Yeuk Hei Ida
2. Breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery
Dr George LI Kam Hop
3. Imaging of the augmented and reconstructed breasts
Dr Lawrence TEE
4. Dos and don’ts for radiotherapy in reconstructed breast
Dr Joyce Siu Yu WONG

Challenging decisions in advanced illnesses
Coral Room
Chairpersons: Dr Inda Sung SOONG, Dr Stanley Kui Fu TAM

1. Choosing careful hand feeding in advanced dementia
Dr James LUK
2. Legislation for advance directives in Hong Kong
Dr TSE Chun Yan
3. Treatment options in cancer-associated venous thromboembolism in the era of DOAC
Dr Hon Cheung FAN
4. Breaking the myths of opioids other than morphine - morphine is not inferior to other strong opioids
Dr Clara Yin POON

New era of managing liver and gastrointestinal cancers
Crimson Room
Chairpersons: Dr Francis Tat Wing LI, Dr LAM Chi Ming

1. Medical therapy in prevention of liver cancer
Dr Michael Ka Shing CHEUNG
2. Microbiota and colon cancer
Dr Sunny H WONG
3. Recent advances in endo-oncology
Dr LEE Yuk Tong
4. Advances in immunotherapy in liver and gastric cancer
Dr Thomas Chung Cheung YAU

Prostate diseases and management
Olive Room
Chairpersons: Dr HO Kwok Leung Franklin, Dr Victor Hip Wo YEUNG

1. MRI/USG fusion biopsy of prostate
Dr Francis CHO Kwan Yin
2. Prostate cancer screening and early diagnosis in chinese men
Dr Peter Ka Fung CHIU
3. Advances in systemic therapy for prostate cancer
Dr Henry SZE
4. Advances in surgical management of prostate cancer
Dr Chun Ki CHAN
13 Sep (Sun) 10:45-12:15

Task-specific (musical instruments) dystonia
Aqua Room
Chairpersons: Dr Mandy AU YEUNG, Dr Michael LEE

1. Introduction to dystonia with video and neuroimaging illustration
Dr Helen YIP
2. Medical treatment of writer’s cramps and other task specific dystonia
Dr Man Kei FONG
3. Advances in neurosurgical treatment of task specific dystonia - lesioning surgery, MR guided ultrasound, deep brain stimulation
Dr Danny TM CHAN
4. Treatment of dystonia - a physiotherapist’s perspective
Prof Margaret MAK

Maxillofacial deformities
Coral Room
Chairpersons: Dr Lai In Jeni HO, Dr Miko Ching Man LO

1. Cleft lip and palate management
Dr CHONG Mei Man
2. Crainofacial skeletal surgery for obstructive upper airway disorders
Dr Jessica Kar Yin YAU
3. Corrective jaw surgery: a transformative experience for patients with developmental dento-facial deformities
Dr Dion Tik Shun LI
4. Reconstruction of the jaws following ablative tumor surgery
Dr Winnie Wing Shan CHOI

What's new in abdominal surgery?
Crimson Room
Chairperson: Dr Cyrus Tak Yin TSE

1. Use of monopolar energy as the preferred mode of dissection to effectively reduce seroma formation in laparoscopic total extra peritoneal hernioplasty
Dr Joe King Man FAN
2. Technique or technology: what matters more in minimal access thoracic surgery
Dr Alan D. L. SIHOE
3. Sarcopenia in patients with colorectal cancer
Dr Tony Wing Chung MAK
4. Advances in pancreatic surgery
Dr CHOK Siu Ho Kenneth

Renal & urinary bladder cancers
Olive Room
Chairpersons: Dr Angus Kwong Chuen LEUNG, Dr WONG Kwok Tin Martin

1. Cytoreductive nephrectomy in metastatic renal cell carcinoma - the last Jedi?
Dr Ringo Wing Hong CHU
2. Surgical treatment of urinary bladder cancer in 21st century
Dr Justin Kin Man LAM
3. Update on systemic treatment for metastatic renal cell carcinoma
Dr LAM Chor Man Daisy
4. Update on systemic treatment for locally advanced or metastatic urothelial cancers
Dr Kenneth CW WONG
13 Sep (Sun) 12:30-13:45

Lunch symposium: Package pricing to hospitals and doctors
Aqua Room
Chairpersons: Dr William HO, Dr Alex Wai Yin YU

1. A private specialist's experience in package pricing
Dr Kwong Shun CHAN
2. How to work with insurers?
Dr Nelson WONG
3. How package price can induce transformation in private health insurance
Dr Hong FUNG
13 Sep (Sun) 13:45-15:15

Soft tissue injury: acute and chronic management
Aqua Room
Chairpersons: Dr CHENG Wendy, Dr YU Ka Lung Carrel, Dr Ray Sin Ngai NG

1. Sports injury acute management (EM)
Dr Ken WU
2. Soft issue rheumatism and use of muculoskeletal ultrasound
Dr Ray Sin Ngai NG
3. Emergency interventions for frost bite and gangrenous conditions on peripheral limbs, what POCUS can help?
Dr Carina LI Ching Fan

Better results in plastic surgery
Coral Room
Chairpersons: Dr Josephine MAK, Dr Peter PANG

1. Diastasis recti repair
Dr George LI Kam Hop
2. Management of complicated hernia
Dr Joseph Hon Ping CHUNG
3. Breast reconstruction options
Dr Richie CHAN
4. Post massive weight loss body contouring
Dr Eric Wing Kee CHOI
5. Update on application of fat grafting
Dr Edgar Ying Kit LAU

Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) Crash Course
Crimson Room
Chairpersons: Dr CHEON Willy Cecilia, Dr FU Kam Fung Kenneth, Dr Siu King MAK

1. LUTS introduction and epidemiology
Dr Siu King MAK
2. LUTS and BPH (alpha blocker and 5-alpha reductase inhibitor)
Dr Chak Lam CHO
3. LUTS and OAB (anticholinergic and beta 3 agonists)
Dr HO Kwok Leung Franklin
4. LUTS and mortality (falls and fractures)
Dr Ringo Wing Hong CHU
5. LUTS management (tips and risks in primary care setting)
Dr Siu King MAK
6. LUTS and anticholinergic burden (ACB)
Dr MYINT Ma Wai Wai
7. LUTS and heart disease
Dr John T H WONG
8. LUTS and incontinence

Update on ECPR and paediatric mediastinal masses emergencies
Olive Room
Chairpersons: Dr Anne Kit Hung LEUNG, Dr CW KAM

1. Beyond CPR - mechanical CPR, USG and POCT
Dr Anfernee Kin-ming YIM
2. Update on ECPR: intensive care perspective and how to improve survival
Dr Wallace NGAI Chun Wai
3. Paediatric mediastinal masses emergencies
Dr Karen Ka Yan LEUNG
13 Sep (Sun) 15:30-17:00

Prevention and management of complications: can we do better?
Aqua Room
Chairpersons: Dr Ka King CHENG, Dr Eddy Wai Yeung WONG

1. Towards zeroing complication in pleuro-pulmonary sampling - can we do it?
Dr Chi Chun Terence TAM
2. Percutaneous tumor ablation - how to prevent complications?
Dr Jeanie Betsy CHIANG
3. Prevention and management of voice problems
4. Prevention and management of ear complications
Dr Cynthia WAI Ka Cheong

Management of chronic pain syndromes
Coral Room
Chairpersons: Dr MYINT Ma Wai Wai, Dr Tony NG

1. Chronic pain in orthopaedics - case sharing
Dr Chor Yin LAM
2. Complex regional pain syndrome & neuralgia: management updates
Dr Carina LI Ching Fan
3. Transcranial neurostimulation for pain syndrome
Dr YEUNG Man Pun Eric
4. Advances in the management of knee osteoarthritis
Dr Lewis PK CHAN

Short gut syndrome in children
Crimson Room
Chairpersons: Dr Jennifer Dart Yin SIHOE, Dr Peter CHAN Chi Moon

1. Surgical management of short gut syndrome in children
Dr Michael LEUNG
2. ERAS in paediatric anaesthesia
Dr Rowena Sau Man LEE
3. Parenteral and enteral nutritional management in short gut syndrome in children
Ms Dorcus MAK

Looking young from head to neck
Olive Room
Chairpersons: Dr George LI Kam Hop, Dr Pui Pui YIP

1. Periorbital rejuvenation
Dr Emmy Yuen Mei LI
2. Presbyopia management
Dr Tommy Chung Yan CHAN
3. Face rejuvenation: medical and surgical approaches
Dr Gregory Ian Siu Kee LAU
4. Hair transplant
Dr Peter PANG