Tentative Programme 2022

* Speakers/chairs to be confirmed.

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03 Sep (Sat)

Update in management of colorectal cancer
Aqua Room
Chairs: Anthony Teoh*, Lam Ka On*, Dr JOENG Kin Ming Henry

1. Diagnosis and management of early colorectal neoplasms
Dr JOENG Kin Ming Henry
2. Personalised surgical treatment for rectal cancer
Dr CHU Simon
3. Management of parastomal hernia
Dr NGO Kwok Yu Dennis
4. Systemic therapy for colorectal cancer: what's new on the horizon?
Lam Ka On*

Enhanced recovery for elderly with colorectal cancer
Coral Room
Chairs: Dr HO Man Fung, Dr MYINT Ma Wai Wai

1. Prehabilitation for patients with high medical risk preparing for cancer surgery
Dr CHU Chun Kwok Angus
2. Enhanced Recovery Programme for elderly undergoing Colorectal Cancer Surgery
Dr MAK Wing Chung Tony
3. Frailty and Delirium in Geriatric Medicine
Dr YIM Ting Kwan
4. Risk assessment and decision making for high risk surgical candidates- the anaesthetist's perspective
Dr LAU Vivian Nga Man

Acute ischemic stroke management: we are not alone
Crimson Room
Chairs: Dr LEE Chi Nam, Dr NG Justin Christopher

1. Emergency Department stroke management in the age of endovascular therapy
Dr WAN Kuang An
2. Acute ischemic stroke management in the first 24 hour- Imaging & Treatment evidence
Dr CHAN Chik Xing Jason
3. Expanding stroke nursing role and expertise in acute stroke management
Dr CHEUNG Man Kuen
4. Post reperfusion management of acute ischemic stroke
Dr CHI Man Sum
5. IA thrombectomy for acute stroke in private setting
Dr LEUNG Kar Ming

Novel therapeutic strategies in immunology and allergy
Olive Room
Chairs: Dr LI Philip Hei, Dr TSANG King Yin Raymond, Dr CHAN Ho Yin

1. Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria in Hong Kong
Dr LI Philip Hei
2. Big data and tackling drug allergy in Hong Kong
Dr CHIANG Valerie
3. Anaphylaxis Management in Emergency Department
Dr KAM Chak Wah
4. Biological Therapy for Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Nasal Poylps
Dr CHUNG Chun Kit Joseph
03 Sep (Sat)

Saturday Symposium | Update: COVID-19 management and prevention
Aqua Room
Chairs: Dr LIN Wai Chi Ada, Dr LAM Wilson

1. Control and Prevention of COVID-19 in Hong Kong, the Policy Perspective
Dr CHUI Tak Yi
2. Clinical Manifestation and Testing of COVID-19
Dr LUI Chung Yan Grace
3. Clinical Management of COVID-19
Dr TSANG Tak Yin Owen
4. Prevention of COVID-19 : Vaccines and Chemoprophylaxis
Dr HUNG Ivan Fan Ngai
03 Sep (Sat)

Hip surgery
Aqua Room
Chair: Dr CHAN Wai Lam

1. Paediatric hip screening in New Territories West Cluster
Arthur Ma*
2. Management of developmental dysplasia of hip in infancy
Evelyn Kuong*
3. Management of hip pathology by hip arthroscopy
Dr CHAN Wai Lam
4. Advances in hip replacement surgery: from approach to hardware
HC Cheng*

Management of deep infiltrative endometriosis
Coral Room
Chairs: Dr TANG Kwok Keung, Dr CHEUNG Yuk Tong Vincent

1. Diagnostic imaging for DIE
Dr WONG Siu Chun
2. Surgical approach to DIE
Dr LEE Tat Choi
3. DIE - a colorectal surgeon’s perspective
Dr FOO Chi Chung
4. Management of ureteric DIE
Dr KAN Wai Man

Advance directive in practice
Crimson Room
Chair: Dr HO Chun Wing

1. AD - Legal perspectives
Ms Angelina LUK
2. AD - Clinical (Palliative Care) perspectives
Dr KWOK Oi Ling
3. AD - Clinical (Psychiatry) perspectives
Dr CHAN Lap Kei

Novel innovations in gastroenterology and liver diseases
Olive Room
Chairs: Dr LI Kin Kong Michael, Dr CHEUNG Ka Shing

1. Novel fecal bacteria markers for colon cancer and polyp detection
Dr LEE Yuk Tong
2. Emerging role of small molecules in inflammatory bowel disease
Dr MAK Wing Yan
3. Advances in fecal microbiota transplantation: The Hong Kong experience and beyond
Dr Rashid LUI
4. Latest update in fatty liver disease management
Dr WONG Wai Sun Vincent
03 Sep (Sat)

Jaw deformities
Aqua Room
Chairs: Dr CHONG Mei Man, Dr HO Lai In Jeni

1. Single jaw or double jaw surgery
Dr LI Dion Tik Shun
2. Immediate dental implants in free vascularised bone flaps for jaw reconstruction
Choi Wing Shan *
3. Corrective Facial Skeletal Surgery - it's application for the management of respiratory distress and obstructive sleep apnea
Dr KUNG Alvin Yue Hin

Improving patient journey with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) through collaborative management
Coral Room
Chair: Dr Victor YEUNG*

1. LUTS patient journey: from primary to secondary care
Dr KWOK Yuen Na
2. Nocturia: Is it more than BPH?
Dr WONG Kwok Keung
3. Management of storage symptoms in complex patients
Dr Tony CHAN*
4. Voiding LUTS: anything more than alpha-blockers?
Dr CHAN Hoi Chak Wilson

Oral diseases among the elderly
Crimson Room
Chair: Dr TSANG Hin Kei Century

1. Mind and Mouth of Older Adults: Tales of two organs
Dr Stephen WONG*
2. Dementia and Periodontal disease
Dr CHAN Man Ha Anita
3. Impact of tooth loss on oral and systemic health
Dr LAM Yu Hang Walter

Fighting myopia
Olive Room
Chair: TBC

1. Prevalence and prevention of myopia in Children
Jason Yam*
1. Management of myopic maculopathy
1. Complications associated with myopia
3. Surgical methods for reducing glasses dependence in myopia
Tommy Chan*
03 Sep (Sat)

Saturday Plenary | TBA
Coral Room
Chair: TBC

04 Sep (Sun)

Latest update on prostate cancer
Aqua Room
Chair: Dr LEUNG Kwong Chuen

1. HIFU on prostate cancer treatment
2. MRI-fusion and transperineal prostate biopsy
3. Stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) for localized prostate cancer
Dr POON Ming Chun
4. Latest advance on the management of metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer (mHSPC)
Dr LEUNG Kwong Chuen

Novel therapeutic targets in cancer
Coral Room
Chair: Dr Roland Leung*

1. Arginine depletion as novel therapeutic target in cancer
Dr Paul Cheng*
2. Novel therapeutic target in sarcoma
Prof Herbert Loong*
3. Novel therapeutic targets in cancer immunotherapy
Dr LI Siu Ching
4. Novel therapeutic targets in urological cancers
Dr LI Cho Wing

Update in coronary artery disease
Crimson Room
Chair: Dr CHAN Kwok Keung

1. Prevention in coronary artery disease
2. Screening of coronary artery disease in asymptomatic population: Pros and cons
Dr LO Ka Yip David
3. Chronic coronary syndrome: What is the role of elective percutaneous coronary intervention?
Dr CHUI Ka Lung
4. Acute coronary syndrome: Early recognition, risk stratification and treatment options
Dr CHAN Chi Pan

Indwelling devices and protheses
Olive Room
Chairs: Dr Tsang Hin Kei Century, Dr CHAN Tak Yan Norman

1. Introductions to Dental Implants- Indications and Contraindications
Dr Lai Karen Kar Yan
2. Modulating the Sick Brain- Brain Implants and Future
Dr Wong Hoi Tung*
3. Orthopedics Implants. Material and Aftercare
Dr CHENG Sze Chung
4. Breast Implants 101
Dr MO Wan Leong Kevin
04 Sep (Sun)

New minimal invasive procedure for common genitourinary conditions
Aqua Room
Chairs: Dr CHEON Willy Cecilia, Dr MAK Siu King, Dr WONG Kwok Tin Martin

1. Water Vapour therapy (REZUM) for BPH LUTS
Dr MAK Siu King
2. Urolift for BPH LUTS and AROU
Dr CHAN Wai Hee
3. Prostate-rectum spacer and fiducial marker application to reduce radiation induced genitourinary symptoms
Dr LEUNG Kwong Chuen
4. Minimally invasive surgery for pelvic organ prolapse- laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy, HK experience
Dr CHAN Chung Yin Joyce

Fever of unknown origin (FUO)
Coral Room
Chairs: Dr Clara Law, The HK Society of Rheumatology*, Dr MA Tin Wei Ada

1. 10 easily missed infectious diseases that may present as FUO and an integrated approach to diagnosis
Dr WONG Tin Yau Andrew
2. Fever and Rheumatology
Dr WONG Ching Han Priscilla
3. PET-CT in FUO
Dr WONG Yuet Hung

Head injury and update on paediatric neurological related disorders
Crimson Room
Chairs: Dr WONG Sui To, Dr LEE Wing Yan Michael

1. Head injury in recreational sports and bespoke management of skull defect
Dr LEE Wing Yan Michael
2. Subdural haematoma - What works, what doesn't
Dr WONG Kwok Chu
3. Management of head injury in Paediatric Neurologists' perspective
Dr CHAK Wai Kwong
4. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation of Traumatic Brain Injury: Case Sharing
Dr CHAN Wing Sze Iris

An update on obesity management
Olive Room
Chairs: Dr TSUI Tsun Miu, Dr. Tam Chi Chun Terence*

1. Beyond Simple Sleep Apnoea
Dr. Chu Chung Ming*
2. Update on anti-obesity medication
Dr. Yuen Mae Ann Michele*
3. Recent advance in intragastric balloon
Dr. Wong Simon Kin Hung*
4. Update on anaesthetic management in bariatric surgery
Dr TSUI Sin Yui Cindy
04 Sep (Sun)

Sunday Symposium | Healthcare Policy Forum
Aqua Room
Chair: Dr David LAM*

04 Sep (Sun)

Robotic surgery [HPV] + [ICS laparoscopic surg. training]
Aqua Room
Chairs: Dr LEE Kit Fai, Dr. Clement Chan *

1. The Use of ICG in Robotic Biliary Surgery
Dr. Janet Kung *
2. Robotic Urological Surgery
Dr HO Brian Sze Ho
3. Learning Curve in laparoscopic surgery
Dr. Cheng Kai Chi *
4. Simulation in Surgery
Prof. Guido Parquet*

Telemedicine in Greater Bay Area
Coral Room
Chairs: Dr TONG King Hung, Dr Dr LI Kwok To Thomas

1. Is Cross border teleconsultation possible in Great Bay Area?
Henry Lim*
2. Drug delivery after teleconsultation
Peter Suen*
3. TBC
Daniel Tong*

Management of spinal deformity in HK
Crimson Room
Chair: Dr WONG Kam Kwong

1. Paediatric Scoliosis
Dr KWAN Kenny Yat Hong
2. Perioperative management of a child with scoliosis--a Paediatric Surgeon's role
Dr. Chung Ho Yu Patrick *
3. General Approach to Sagittla Imbalance: from paediatric to adult
Dr. YK Chan*
4. General approach to adult scoliosis
Dr WONG Kam Kwong

Current medico-legal issues
Olive Room
Chair: Dr YEUNG Hip Wo Victor

1. Medicolegal Issues
Dr. Pierre CHAN*
2. Evolution of medico-legal landscape
Prof George Tsoulfas*
04 Sep (Sun)

Hyperfunctioning endocrine diseases [+ septic/Graves/ICU/magnesium infusion?]
Aqua Room
Chairs: Dr TAI Kai Chun Dora, Dr LIU Yuk Wah Shirley

1. Thyrotoxicosis: the standard of care
Dr WAT Zee Man Winnie
2. Surgery for primary hyperparathyroidism
Dr CHOW Chi Man Tom
3. Treating adrenal hypersecretion
Dr LUK On Yan Andrea
4. Surgical management of functional PNET
Dr CHONG Ching Ning

Breast cancer screening and what follows
Coral Room
Chairs: Dr YUEN Ho Yan, Dr FOO Wai Lum William

1. Breast cancer screening: Local Practice
Dr HUNG Wai Ka
2. Breast Screening made easy - A radiologist's perspective
Dr SITT Ching Man Jacqueline
3. Oncological treatment for screen detected breast cancer
Dr WONG Siu Yu

The interface between neurology and psychiatry
Crimson Room
Chairs: Dr YIP Pui Lam Isaac, Dr CHAN Hiu Fai

1. Overview of Parkinson's Disease
Dr YIP Lai Kuen
2. Introduction to Frontotemporal Dementia
Dr PANG Shirley Yin Yu
3. Psychogenic Non-epileptic Seizure Disorder
Dr HUI Ting Hin Adrian
4. Psychiatric aspects of Parkinson's Disease, Frontotemporal Dementia and Epilepsy
Dr TAM Woon Chi

Novel therapy in rheumatic diseases and pain management
Olive Room
Chair: TBC

1. Breakthrough in treatment of systemic lupus erythematous
2. Novel targeted therapy for rheumatoid arthritis
3. Advances in management of spondyloarthritis
4. Current strategy in treatment of musculoskeletal pain